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Tour de Nordic spa

Jumping into an icy lake or a pile of snow may be the opposite of what you want to do in winter. But a deep sense of peace can be found in the most surprising places. How else can you explain the centuries-old Nordic spa tradition that is being copied in modern times by luxury wellness resorts around the world?

The roots of wellness rituals are more than 700 years old and logically go back to Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Denmark. A timeless adventure. A naturalness for the Northerners, an addiction for many other individuals, a deep knowledge for the muscles, heart and mind. The Scandinavian countries fight among themselves in the ranking of the happiest nations. Alongside social systems, education, standard of living and close contact with nature, the wellness world certainly contributes to this. Wellness means health. And health equals contentment.

„An almost out-of-body feeling comes over you when as you arrive at the same level as the clear waters of the mountain lake, you sink deep into your own thoughts. Mii gullo? means “How are you?” in Sami, and this phrase, expressing gentle enquiry and genuine interest permeates every aspect of our exclusive spa.“


Photo: Hanna Postova/Unsplash

Steam and water. High and low temperature. Stimulation of the organism. First you relax the muscles and activate blood circulation in a hot sauna or bath. 10 to 15 minutes. The body warms up, the pores open and toxins are released. Followed by a quick cool-down. Plunge into the pool, under an ice waterfall, roll in the snow or simply jump into the shower. The body is invigorated. Adrenaline rushes. The inner endorphin heat kicks in. Blood circulation is activated. Normal body temperature is restored while toxins are flushed out and pores are narrowed. You repeat as many times as you need. Until you feel sufficiently refreshed. The whole treatment ends with a rest in a relaxing area at a medium temperature. Relaxation, calming, the body returns to its normal rhythm.

Massage with temperature. Shock therapy. Muscle tension is gradually loosened, immunity is strengthened, the production of white blood cells increases, which have the ability to fight viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. You'll sleep better too, and it's claimed to ease skin ailments such as eczema, relieve stress and heart problems.

Photo: Ramez E. Nassif/Unsplash

Sweden, Denmark - spa baths

Hot (ideally alternating with cold), scented, outside or inside. The main purpose is maximum relaxation and refreshment. Panoramic views as a bonus.

Arctic Bath / Harads

A paradise of wellness and design located in the heart of Swedish Lapland. Arctic Bath enjoys the Northern Lights in winter and the midnight sun in summer. It maintains a holistic approach to well-being and delivers a unique experience where you fully indulge in nature's elements while leaving behind a minimal ecological footprint.

Alsik Nordic Spa & Wellness / Sønderborg

Tranquillity, relaxation and happiness will flow into you as you enter a beautiful environment inspired by Nordic natural elements, light and water. All your senses will be engaged, just let yourself be absorbed in a unique spa experience based on ancient Nordic therapeutic rituals and traditional baths.

Copperhill Mountain Lodge Spa / Åre

An oasis within an oasis – with panoramic windows and views of majestic mountains. Two indoor pools, an outdoor one overlooking Åreskutan, relaxation zones, saunas and rooms dedicated to massages and other treatments. You can also stay privately with friends and family.

Iceland - hot springs

Famous hot springs and pools. Icelandic water is known for its mineral content, which helps to cure skin problems and reduce muscle and joint tension.

The Secret Lagoon / Flúðir

An area of high geothermal activity, the natural face of hot springs, steam rising into the air. And you. A magical feeling. The water temperature stays at 38 – 40 °C all year round, there are several geothermal spots nearby, a small geyser erupts every 5 minutes and performs in front of you when you are just relaxing in the pool. Iceland.

Mývatn Nature Baths / Mývatn

Geothermally heated pools and steam baths in the Lake Mývatn area. In other words, a healthy bath in a totally surreal setting. The ideal retreat to soothe your body. Intense turquoise colour, water temperature about 36 – 40°C, water flowing directly from the borehole, loaded with minerals, especially sulphur which is good for respiratory and skin problems, captivating views and beautiful surrounding places to explore.

Photo: Bash Fish/Unsplash

Finland, Norway – saunas

Sacred territory for the Northerners. A room heated by coals or wood-burning stoves, watering stones to increase the humidity for a while, sometimes with birch twigs "whipped" for circulation. And then, of course, a jump into the cold.

Löyly / Helsinky

An urban beauty occupying part of the waterfront in Helsinki. Exceptional architecture, sustainability and health. You'll find both traditional smoke and wood-fired saunas here. Public for 20 people and a smaller private wood-fired one for those who prefer their own space.

Soria Moria / Dalen

Open to the public, floating on the lake, made of natural materials, with a charming view of the landscape. You will be surrounded by trees and mountains, your thoughts and zero stress. And when the time is right, you simply jump into the water.

Photo: Anne Nygård/Unsplash

Norway - forest baths

"Friluftsliv". Life in the fresh air. That is, walks in the countryside that will cheer you up, relieve you of stress and bring new experiences. You can go fishing, sleep under the open sky, take hikes, whatever you like. And what's the best part? You can call it whatever you want, you can go anywhere in the countryside near you and it's free.

Juvet Landskapshotell / Valldal

Leave the world behind. Juvet Landscape Hotel is the perfect place if you'd like to explore the Norwegian wilderness. You'll be captivated by both. The picturesque nature all around and the unique concept of the hotel, which does not interfere significantly with it, but instead is in full harmony with it. The hotel's rooms are individually scattered around the forest like separate pavilions, and are designed so that you literally have the natural beauty within your reach. What a view!

Sustainability, healthy living and nature. What comes to mind when you hear the word Nordic?

Photo: Andreas Dress/Unsplash