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solo: with respect

I'm sitting in a ditch, trying to recall lovely places to visit. Positive thinking is pure training. We have to want it for it to come to us. Actually, it would be nice to get home.

I learned to drive a car on an old football pitch. A big area with only one bush, which is exactly what I hit. Brake left, throttle right, okay. How far until the finish? I've got a bit of distance to cover. When you ride or run on your own, your perspective falters. In your head, 60 km on a bike might seem preciously close. However, 1.5 metres is still 1.5 metres in reality. It isn't 15 cm. So, I'm sitting in a ditch.

When I was a child, we used to go to a traffic playground with our school class. Nothing has changed since. There is a traffic light here and there, some road signs and an intersection, it's always right on the right, left on the left. Okay. I also remember Copenhagen and its anti-stressors. Your own space, no aggressive language, the hooting of horns and grumpy drivers. Perfect. It's about people, mostly other people, and when it does, it hurts mostly you. Two oncoming cars, a bike, one road — an equation we still can't manage to solve in the Czech Republic. Even though there are no unknowns, all three of us want to move forward. We want to arrive at our destinations, not sit in a ditch.

Cycling isn't a sport, it's supposedly a lifestyle. That's not hard to believe. After all, fundamental decency, such as saying hello to your neighbour, letting an elderly lady sit down in a tram, not throwing up on social media, apologizing for a mistake, returning a smile, not lying, wearing a mask, saying thank you, is disappearing from everyday life. We are moving away from each other.

As a child, I fell off a 30 cm high bed when sleeping and broke my collarbone. My parents also caught my middle finger in the car door. To this day, I can't quite bend that finger. I've crashed a total of nine times on bus rides. Once, the engine of our car caught fire in the middle of the D1 motorway, or something fell off of it behind a village, and we couldn't go on without it. Now I'm sitting in a ditch, and I guess I'd consider my car&bike accidents done. I hope so.

With respect.