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solo: planet-friendly runners

I am an experience (read: slow) runner and an even more experience cyclist and hiker. I often don't care about my average pace or actual speed, I'm more interested in observing the amount of trash in the landscape. Usually about five pieces per kilometre. Quite a frustrating performance.

Hikers and sportsmen fit the label of conservationists. Because they see it around them. Vanishing forests, damaged rare plants, landfills where they shouldn't be, burnt rocks, litter in rivers, fields and meadows. We don't have a sea in the Czech Republic, but that doesn't mean we don't know how to get it dirty.

Being happy is hard training.

You run down a small tunnel and suddenly a breathtaking scene of clear turquoise water and steep cliffs opens up in front of you. You almost want to stop. Your heart is pounding. First contact with the quarry called Velká Amerika. You're down there, where you normally can’t enter. Unless you are not filming a movie, or you are not running the “Běhej lesy Karlštejn” race. It’s a much more intense sight than that from above the canyon.

That's beautiful!

Too bad we can only get here today. Says my fellow runner.

Lucky we can’t get here any other time. I answer.

I write it down in my heart, I'm sure it will come in handy later, and move on. Because those are the moments that make it worth it. You run and you live. At the same time, you realize how beautiful and fragile the landscape can be. How dialogue with people doesn't always lead in an authentic direction. And how sad it is that we have to protect nature from ourselves. You don't have to be Greta, you just don't have to be a pig. What you bring to nature, you take home with you. That's it.

You never know who will follow in your footsteps. Hunt for experiences and positive emotions, learn respect. Stretch your body, breathe fresh air and try to be a good friend. To yourself and to the planet.

Nature doesn't need us, but we do. Not for a photo with the hashtag #naturelover. For life. At least two exclamation points.