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solo: lanes

If you don't ride, it's like you're not alive. Because if you don't ride, you don't see much. There are bike paths everywhere. More than 450 km, my friend. And yes, it is indeed possible to safely put cars, bikes and pedestrians on the same road. There are separate lanes and no one has any reason to get angry. And honk furiously. And overtake dangerously. And act like an idiot. Traffic lights are timed with respect to peak cycling times. Hello to The Green Waves. You can park it pretty much anywhere, so sometimes you forget where you left it. And find your borrowed bike that's almost the same as another borrowed bike. Remember, you're in a place with five times as many bikes as cars. Let's keep looking! Wonderful worries! The bicycles run simply on key locking. Oh well, this system probably couldn't work in the Czech Republic, we have too many thieves per square meter for that. Ride to work, to a café, just for fun, to a café, to a restaurant for dinner, to go shopping, to school, anywhere. You are part of the city and the city is part of you. And a sore ass is part of the whole cycling lifestyle.

Prague, be like Copenhagen.