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Let's go off-grid

Nature is within reach, and when it takes hold of you, it's hard to run back. To the reality of urban chaos. We spend too much time on our phones and computers, taking pictures of ourselves and those around us, and not enough observing. Through the real eye, through the real heart. We fail to perceive because we run away from everything quickly. After all, time is a precious commodity.


Our ancestors would have had fun. For centuries we've been building a society full of modern gadgets, accelerating lifestyles, occupying cities, chasing careers, and now? We're fleeing back into the woods. We're willingly giving up what previous generations longed for. We're freeing ourselves from the comforts and opportunities of having everything at our fingertips. Because nature is awakening us to life.

Welcome to the off-grid world.

At least for a moment, disconnect and breathe deeply. Feel the colors and smells, experience with all your senses. You don't need a mat to Greet the Sun or antidepressants in the „green space“. Nature heals. Nature is meditation.

Photo: Timothy Eberly/Unsplash

Off-grid to full-time

Off-grid represents life outside engineering networks. The networks, that provide us with electricity, water and rid us of sewage and other waste. You have a self-sufficient house and you live on your own. And work. What you don't make, you don't have. Your list of things will usually expand to include solar panels, wind turbines, heat pumps, but also wells, your own home "farm", a garden growing all sorts of crops, rainwater retention concepts, composting plants, etc. In return, you'll leave your municipal utility bill behind forever. Freedom, a unique place to live and greater sustainability tend to be the biggest draws. Who doesn't want to wake up to a view of green nature? Without the noise of trams and passing cars?

In a Star Trek's egg?

In nature, even in remote places, at the same time with the comfort of home. Ecocapsule micro-house was created by NICE & WISE. It's small but very intelligent and 100% self-sufficient. Powered exclusively by the sun and wind. It has solar panels, a retractable wind turbine and a rainwater harvesting system. Inside there's a kitchenette, flush toilet and shower.

Do you want a modern beach hut, a pop-up hotel, a mobile office or a design caravan for your outdoor adventures? Less space, more freedom.

Haus for me, please

A dream home in a dream place. What do you imagine? A house that has a heart and a brain. With your comfort and the health of the planet in mind. A mobile space that's easy to build and easy to relocate. Completely independent, so you don't have to connect to electricity, water or a sewage system. Self-saving. Fully equipped, including wine glasses. Made of durable materials and technologies used in space stations. With clean lines. With a sense of security. With an atmosphere of well-being and peace. Simply a domestic paradise. In short, haus.me.

Photo: Ralph (Ravi) Kayden/Unsplash


Off-grid life is definitely not for everyone. If you're thinking about it and you're looking for courage, try it first. Just take a vacation. Luckily, nowadays you can go to design houses for the weekend and enjoy a quiet and peaceful place. Forget musty cottages, ugly and dirty shacks, instead look forward to sophisticated and very stylish living that will be in harmony with your spirit, body and environment.

Sometimes you just have to run away.

Turn off WiFi, work emails, Instagram, TV or computer games. Get back to yourself and offline pleasures. With off-grid accommodation, you'll understand why. Instead of the stereotype and everyday worries, you'll enjoy breathtaking views, an unforgettable adventure will appear on the doorstep. Every minute counts.

Off-grid in Helsinki? Majamaja

In the centre of Helsinki, hop on a bike and you're there in 30 minutes. In the heart of Majamaja. On a rocky shore, with the Gulf of Finland on one side and a soothing forest on the other. These are stylish eco-lodges conceived off-grid and designed for short-term rentals. The cabin has solar panels, operates on a closed water system to minimize wastage, is portable and can be placed in the most isolated location. Add to that quality building materials, timeless aesthetics and high-quality finishes.

Harmony between a human and nature.

The Finnish architect Pekka Littow is behind the concept. Majamaja is intended to show that even a "small" architecture combined with green technology can compensate for large volumes and centralized on-grid systems. In short, a perfect green living experience that offers the perfect shelter from the daily routine. In touch with nature, yet close to the urban backdrop.

An in Canada? Cabinspace

Small cabin, big world. Home base for outdoor adventures. A quick escape into the woods as the most effective form of therapy. Cabinspace cottages are located in the most beautiful, rugged and private landscapes near a variety of trails and parks in Ontario. They believe in simple and sustainable living, which is why they are completely off-grid, solar-powered and environmentally responsible.

You'll feel differently. Cozy. And not just because of the beautiful design and furnishings, but you'll leave your worries at home and immerse yourself in extraordinary ordinariness for a moment (or two). That's what it's all about.

Airbnb for adventurers

Wild, remote, self-sufficient. FreeHouse. A digital detox from the high-stress levels of our "connected" days. The project works on a similar principle to the popular Airbnb, except that here the goal is to experience a "rough" and sustainable holiday. So expect off-grid rentals on beaches, in the mountains, in the deserts, usually equipped with solar or water panels, sheds, stoves or burners. The degree of "disconnection" can vary. But skills like starting a fire in a stove or using a composting toilet will definitely come in handy. Don't worry, it will be good.

Photo: Tim Swaan/Unsplash

You'll have to walk to some of them. A map, field orientation, good shoes, maybe wandering, but maximum experience. Think of it as part of the process of purifying your mind and body. Then it's up to you whether you lie down with a book or take up hiking, mountain biking, skiing or other activities.

No internet, no phone, absolute freedom.