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flowave: web designer, graphic artist, and cartoonist Karla Kösl

Same questions. Different people. Original answers. A conversation that flows in the same direction, but differently each time.

Photo © Marie Šůchová

The song to play during this interview?

So Many Layers Of Colour Become a Deep Purple Heart by Edda Magnason.

Your definition of well-being?

To feel the space inside me. Then I can breathe, relax, create.

Your good tip for bad days?

Be overdressed. Like breakfast at Tiffany's. Bad days are easier to bear in beautiful clothes.

Say something about yourself in one word.


A small daily habit that makes you happy?

Choosing a perfume according to my mood, the atmosphere of the day. I have twelve.

The moment you fell in love with your work?

I try to not have a relationship with my work so that I can always be free from it and become anything else.

Freedom is...

Knowing what shapes you and trying to transcend it. We are shaped by environmental pressures; the potential for freedom lies in trying to break free from the influences and see ourselves for who we are. Only then can we act freely.

The place that best describes you?


A book you are going to read in the near future?

Hana by Alena Mornštajnová.

An inspiring project from your field that we should know about?

I'm really enjoying a podcast about politics, culture, and society by two young Czech journalists. It's called Za humny.

Should people step out of their comfort zones?

If they want to grow, then yes. But not everyone wants to grow, and that's absolutely fine.

The body or the mind?

I'm lost in my thoughts and I keep forgetting about my body, and it's not good. In our dimension, we need both.

Silence or music?

Silence for dialogue with oneself and others, and music for detachment from oneself and others.

Solo or in a team?

Although I sometimes wish it was otherwise, I am a soloist.

Your personal paradox?

I can't live with or without a plan.

The most intense emotions this year?

The sadness of war. I feel it every day, and it permeates everything I do.

What advice would you give to your enemy?

Let them try to get something creative out of their hostility.

What would you not say to your friend?

What I know/feel about them, even if they didn't tell me themself.

The biggest concern in the world we live in?

That finding a way to reconcile the fulfillment of our needs in harmony with the environment and without profiting from inequality and violence will be a long road full of pain, mistakes, and blind developmental branches. Assuming such an ideal system can be created at all.

Describe in three words how you would like the future to be.

Sustainable, fair, peaceful.

Are you a realist or a dreamer?

Dreamer. I often can’t tell when I’m dreaming from reality. And the other way around.

Words that always warm your heart?

I love you.

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