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flowave: sportswoman Laura Petri

Same questions. Different people. Original answers. A conversation that flows in the same direction, but differently each time.

Photo: Jette Jørs (IG @jettejors)

The song to play during this interview?

George Michael – Amazing.

Your definition of well-being?

Mental balance – which requires taking good care of myself every day. This requires balance in all aspects of my life; training, diet, relations and sleep.

Your good tip for bad days?

It’s a part of life – and this too shall pass.

Say something about yourself in one word.


A small daily habit that makes you happy?

Checking in with myself over my morning coffee – extra good after a run or swim in the ocean.

The moment you fell in love with your work?

Not a specific moment. I see it more as a journey with a lot of moments combined, that together make up for the love I have for what I do.

Freedom is...

A state of mind – forming the basis for what one wills and has the power to do.

The place that best describes you?

Might sound a bit cliché, but somewhere in the nature, full of life and spirit.

A book you are going to read in the near future?

Jay Shetty – Think like a monk.

An inspiring project from your field that we should know about?

Let’s talk about all of those amazing women out there, killing it – especially want to highlight this year’s first Tour de France Femme.

Should people step out of their comfort zones?

We develop as humans outside of our comfort zone. First then, will we have the ability to grow into the fullest and best version of ourselves. And as I see it, there is always room for improvement.

The body or the mind?

I’m a big advocate for the whole mind-body connection. I believe that both should be worked on in order to find balance.

Silence or music?


Solo or in a team?

Depends on the context – however, I believe that in order to act in a group, one must be able to act alone.

Your personal paradox?

I love making lists and planning, but take one day at a time.

The most intense emotions this year?

Completing my first marathon in Copenhagen – which has been a dream of mine since I was a kid.

What advice would you give to your enemy?

If I should have an enemy out there -- Let’s forgive and forget!

What would you not say to your friend?

You can’t do it.

The biggest concern in the world we live in?

That too many people worry and don’t live their life to it’s fullest.

Describe in three words how you would like the future to be.

Changed, peaceful and magnificent.

Are you a realist or a dreamer?

Realist with big dreams. 😊

Words that always warm your heart?

I believe in you.

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Laura Petri