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flowave: Jorge Morcillo Sanchez, the founder of Spanish cycling apparel brand TAN LIИE

Same questions. Different people. Original answers. A conversation that flows in the same direction, but differently each time.

The song to play during this interview?

Qué Facilidad – Sen Senra.

Your definition of well-being?

When I’m mentally healthy. After this I need to be in good shape, eat healthy and train every day to feel complete.

Your good tip for bad days?

Do a little bit of sport and let the endorphins do their work.

Say something about yourself in one word.


A small daily habit that makes you happy?

Give love to my dog or enjoy a speciality coffee in the morning.

The moment you fell in love with your work?

That moment I receive a sample and I have the excitement to open it as soon as possible, just like when I started with the brand.

Freedom is...

Work for yourself.

The place that best describes you?

Mallorca, it has everything I like in life.

A book you are going to read in the near future?

The power of now.

An inspiring project from your field that we should know about?

The brutal collab between Rapha and Palace Skateboards for the Tour de France.

Should people step out of their comfort zones?

Of course, it hard to find a clear way to do it but it is necessary if you don’t feel happy.

The body or the mind?

Healthy body / very strong mind.

Silence or music?

Both are necessary at different times, but music have the magic of change your mood in just three minutes.

Solo or in a team?

In a team but I work mostly alone, maybe this is my real personal paradox hahaha.

Your personal paradox?


The most intense emotions this year?

Really don’t know. I have experienced many different emotions since I moved to Mallorca. Probably the most intense emotions were about love and family.

What advice would you give to your enemy?

I think I don’t have an enemy! But if I had it please forget me and be happy.

What would you not say to your friend?

Let make a business together.

The biggest concern in the world we live in?

The uncertain future about literally everything because we live in a world that can change in a few seconds.

Describe in three words how you would like the future to be.

More realistic, less digital (four words haha).

Are you a realist or a dreamer?

A real dreamer but I like the realistic things.

Words that always warm your heart?

Friends, trips, love, sport.

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