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Don't waste your life... or your holiday

First we slowed down food, then we started to relax in fashion, travel or living, and in recent years we've been toning down design and architecture. Where are we going with all this? On holiday, perhaps.

The "slow philosophy" arms us against our culture of waste and presents us with a different set of priorities with which to approach life. Not quickly and immediately. Not consumeristically and ephemerally. Not greedily materialistic. Slowly! Slow doesn't mean hitting the brakes and reducing speed; slowness encourages being present and living time with all it has to offer. At the right pace. In a way that allows us to go deep and enjoy the details -- to savour all the minutes we experience, not just count them.

Photo: Maverick Timotius / Unsplash

As is well known, Carlo Petrini came up with the slow movement in 1986 as a protest against the McDonalds opened in Rome's Piazza di Spagna. Through the idea of slow food, he stressed the need and beauty of "slow" dining, promoting traditional recipes along with home cooking and local ingredients. Now, let's protest in other areas of life.

After all, it's only a step from food to lifestyle. And since summer is in full swing, let's go to a few places that fit in beautifully with the slow concept in terms of their atmosphere, facilities or functioning. Because if there's any time we can enjoy the pleasurable sensation of consciously slowing down, it's on holiday. Away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we can immerse ourselves much more deeply. We are more open to our own values and can adopt a calmer and more balanced approach to life.

"This house is not a hotel"

Palazzo Daniele

This is a house where you will want to live slowly, at least for a while. Enjoy a glass of good wine -- you're in Italy. And the food, of course. Food made with local ingredients and traditional cuisine that has deep roots in Apulian culture. Or relax with some music and a long-delayed book. Perhaps the pure aesthetics and the admirable collection of contemporary art that fills the entire space. Maybe the colourful scenery of the surrounding landscape. It's up to you what you fill your days with. This is a place that puts you in touch with art, design, architecture... and yourself. Escape the hectic pace of the modern world and relax. Would you like a pool, sauna or bath? Just open the door and let yourself be absorbed by the Palazzo Daniele lifestyle. A 19th century palace converted into apartments that breathe simplicity, elegance and uniqueness.


Meraviglia Slow Living

The air is intoxicating in its purity, only occasionally "interrupted" by the fragrant hint of wild thyme growing nearby or the aroma of fresh food you have just prepared for breakfast. The views. The sunsets. That's Meraviglia Slow Living. A group of apartments spread out over a large plot of land overlooking the breathtaking Greek coastline on the Ionian Sea. A combination of refined simplicity, serene harmony, sensual elegance and unforgettable experiences. Where else would you like to reflect on your life, find yourself or enjoy undisturbed time with your loved ones?


A sense of home away from home

The Rooster

A sense of home away from home. The desire to explore around the corners or just to be in the peace and quiet of your own body and mind. To get "lost" for a moment and find yourself again. Commune with yourself and the local landscape permeated with trees, hills, rocks, sand dunes and the majestic sea. The Rooster is no ordinary hotel either. It's a group of sixteen private homes built to blend in with their surroundings and provide the perfect retreat to disconnect you from the chaotic world. Tranquility, elegance, harmony. You, your well-being and moments to yourself.


Casas Portugal

This is the spot where ruins and dilapidated houses have been converted into modern buildings and now provide you with a unique space for resting your mind and body. Casa Luum and Casa Agostos. Two minimalist villas set in a rural Algarve setting and renowned for their refined sense of decor and fantastic atmosphere. Bold lines, white walls and smooth concrete. Roof terraces, swimming pool, and a friendly interior that opens onto the garden through large windows and doors. In short, a space that is constantly in touch with nature. Just by looking, you must feel the warm sun and the picturesque surroundings. Grab a refreshing drink, your favorite book and the well-deserved relaxation can begin.


To get lost in the moment

Villa Slow

Make yourself at home. That is, only if your home means a pleasant space to contemplate and marvel at the beautiful surroundings. Villa Slow can be found in the natural park of Valles Pasiegos, in the north of Spain. It was built with exceptional attention to detail, honouring the beauty of nature, the need to protect the environment, tradition and contemporary aesthetics. What can you do here? Perhaps from your bed, you might watch the stars in the sky or the changing scenery outside your window, discover the details of the landscape on your own, relax, be with your loved ones, read, listen to yourself and the music... above all, don't chase anything.


Casa LaPaz

An oasis of peace and tranquility, with respect for the Earth and the local inhabitants. This is how Casa LaPaz describes itself, a unique space located in the picturesque village of Tindaya in the northwest of Fuerteventura. An ideal place for those who want to find harmonious peace and joy within yourselves. To rediscover authenticity and the importance of listening to your inner voice, which we so often push aside. To move away from the materialistic world and the busy rhythm of life. To come into direct contact with nature and animals and to fully surrender to the experience of slowness.


Photo: Morgane Le Breton / Unsplash

Each space is the embodiment of well-being, giving us space to think, dream or just be. This is what shapes "real" experiences. The more busy, digital and fast-paced lives we live today, the more such places can draw us in. Without knowing why, we want to stay a while longer.

So how about bringing that slowness into the reality of everyday life?