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That moment...


When you quit your job and start fighting your dream. You're down. You're up. A victory. And everything around it. Despair. In every way. Hard work. Applause. Bliss. Excitement. When (s)he smiles at you. Fears. When you lose hope. A decision. Fights. Freedom. Voices. Emotions. When you run your first marathon. When your parachute opens. When you give up with ten kilometers to go. Lonely feelings. Pain. Impulses. Reasons. Pride. Life. When you inspire others. When you really live. When it's really you.

That's exactly the moment we're interested in.

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From moment to moment is an online platform for all lovers of sports, nature, travel, design, and slow lifestyle. A space steeped in an active, creative, and adventurous way of life. A place that educates, motivates, and gives the opportunity to get to know yourself and the world around you through individual stories. 

We were born out of a desire to inspire others, to explore our beautiful planet, but also to reflect on everyday life. It's time to think about the importance of “leaving no trace”, respect for people, and the real impact our behaviour has on the environment we live in.

We enjoy authentic stories, practical ideas, new perspectives, and traditional points of view. We are open to small plans, bold ideas, and big projects. We value people who aren't afraid to “get dirty”, bring positive change, and go for their philosophy.

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