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An online magazine where movement, creativity, well-being, and life meet. 
Live with us from moment to moment.



But first, a song. Playlists compiled by the people we want to listen to. A variety of music that we are in tune with. Because life is heard when it's loud.


Interviews with people who are not afraid to be different and through their work, adventure, creative thinking and unconventional lifestyle have the desire to change /t/h/e//w/o/r/l/d/  themselves. An authentic look at life and everything around it.


Same questions. Different people. Original answers. A conversation that flows in the same direction, but differently each time.

Mlžné pole


Thoughts captured while running and cycling. Honest, strange, hopeful, determined, and on the verge of strength. 


Original articles and personal essays on sports, outdoor, travel, ecology, and slow lifestyle. We love innovation with a positive impact. We enjoy confronting the relationship between people and nature. We look for inventive and sustainable solutions. We show life as it is.


Mini tips and ideas on how to live "slower" and more sustainably. At the same time, actively, happily, and most importantly, to the fullest and according to yourself.


We enjoy authentic stories, practical ideas, new perspectives and traditional points of view. We are open to small plans, bold ideas and big projects. We value people who aren't afraid to “get dirty”, bring positive change and go for their philosophy.

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